AYCP Policy Memo Launch

PROMAD launches Research Policy Memo on Accelerating Youth Civic Participation and Development in FCT

April 5, 2023 By Impact and Communications Department

At PROMAD, we believe in using data and technology to investigate and analyse development problems and proffer policy related solutions to help stakeholders and government gain clarity on what must…

Mobilizing Youth for Effective Civic Participation

March 15, 2023 By PROMADAdmin

Yet, 95% of its youth population does not feel heard; at least three out of four young people believe the country is headed in the wrong direction and that they…

2023 Elections: The push and pull factors influencing youth civic participation

December 21, 2022 By Impact and Communications Department

Ahead of the 2023 elections, INEC registered a total of 9.5 million new voters. 76.5% of them are young people between 18-34 years. The percentage of young people eligible to…

PROMAD announces youth civic participation project in FCT

December 8, 2022 By PROMAD Foundation

Accelerating Youth Civic Participation in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


We exist to connect the gap between citizens, grassroot communities, and government.



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