PROMAD uncovers abandoned health centre built by European Union in Ondo

‘Follow The Projects’ (FTP), a social accountability initiative by PROMAD Foundation has discovered an abandoned health centre funded by European Union in Ondo State.

The health centre located at Abusoro community; Akure North local government was built between 2017 and 2020 in the community.

After a tip by Ondo Eye, a visit by the project tracker team of FTP discovered that the construction of the health centre has been completed by the contractor but not sure if the equipment was supplied to the health centre.

The residents of the community said the health centre has been under lock and key since 2020 after the construction works were completed.

“The health centre has been put under lock and key since 2020 after the construction works were completed,” said Mrs Olugbusi. She added that the whole community has been expecting the government to complete the project and commission it for the use of our people.

“After the construction work, they abandoned the project. There is no equipment there. There’s no development there. Sometimes when people go there, they find nobody to attend to them,”

“The abandoned health centre is the only health facility in this community. We are appealing to the government to complete the project without delay and open it for the use of the people in our community,” she said.

Abusoro, a community dominated by local farmers and averagely educated people is about 20 kilometers from Akure, the state capital.  

The 15 months project was awarded in June 2017 to Cheeryha Engineering Services Nig. Ltd with 50 percent funding from the European Union (EU), 25 percent from Akure North local government, and 25 percent from the community according to the project charter erected at the site.

To waste avoid resources on the work done so far, we hereby appeal to the EU Delegation to Nigeria to mandate the contractor to deliver the project to the community, the organisation said.


Daisi Omokungbe

Executive Director, PROMAD

For further communication, please, contact, or 08180177099

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