PROMAD commences ‘The Civic Matters’ radio programme in FCT


Introducing The Civic Matters

#TheCivicMatters is a weekly radio programme that targets grassroots citizens to provide civic education to strengthen their participation in governance and to demand participatory, accountable and transparent government within the FCT. This is to include how public resources are allocated to citizens and communities’ priorities and demand effective implementation to address the “crisis of governance” as identified in Nigeria Youth Futures Fund’s (NYFF) “Nigeria We Want” Report. 

The “Nigeria We Want” Report by NYFF identifies the Crisis of Governance which contributed to why the country is failing to deliver robust infrastructures to power citizens’ productivity. Also, Nigeria’s Open Government Partnership (OGP) third national action plan recognizes that the civic space is shrinking due to limited citizens’ participation in the governance process failing to hold the executive, legislative and agencies accountable to facilitate sustainable development. Our findings in a [1]policy memo released in April 2023, a product of our NYFF’s supported research on youth civic participation in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja revealed that youth lack the skills and knowledge required to engage government agencies and elected leaders to demand their inclusion in the decision-making process.

The Objective

The weekly radio programme is a platform to fill the observed governance knowledge gaps and influence new civic behaviour through Civic Education, Empowerment and Participation (CEEP) in governance to foster a culture of participation, accountability and inclusion.


#TheCivicMatters will run for 30 minutes live weekly for a quarter every Tuesday by 11.00 am on Eagles 102.3 FM covering the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


In our approach, we would like to embrace a language mix as a presentation style for the programme by incorporating English and Pidgin. This is to leverage the diversity of people who live in the FCT to expand the reach and listenership of the programme.


The programme targets youth, young adults, community stakeholders and government agencies in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


The programme will be live-streamed on Eagles 102.3 FM station’s digital platforms. Every week, the presenter will read out a civic quiz for listeners to be answered on PROMAD’s social media platforms. Four winners (male & female) will be announced in the next edition and will be rewarded with N1,000 airtime each.

Our Partners

#TheCivicMatters is a part of our Accelerating Youth Participation in Governance (AYPG) project supported by the Nigeria Youth Futures Funds (NYFF) and LEAP Africa.   

For further details, please, contact:

Mr Faruq A. Ibrahim

Impact & Communications Assistant 


Mr Emmanuel Sani, Esq

Programmes Officer 


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